Saxophonist / Singer&Songwriter



Dave Germann alias dareg is a swiss saxophonist and singer&songwriter born 1991 in Herisau, behind the cuddly hills of Appenzell Ausserrhoden.

The saxophone

At the age of 9 and after singing in choirs in school he persuaded his parents to grant him saxophone lessons with Daniel Zeiter (classical). He began to play more and more often the music that echoed through the halls at home. First imitating the melody and afterwards trying to add something of his own. Eventually while being supported by his sax teacher in high school (Toni Heidegger) he decided to pursue a career in music.

The singer & songwriter

At the age of 14 Dave listened to Jack Johnson and began to recover his voice from the voice break. While trying to regain what was lost, he sang along the melodies with his guitar and soon started to write his own songs. With 18 he wrote, played and recorded his debut-album «My Journey» at his parent’s home. During this time he wrote also for Plain Passiun (Reggae Dub), What The Funk and helped cowriting the musical «verbutzt».


He started his Bachelor of Arts in Popular Music at the Hochschule für Kunst, Design und populäre Musik Freiburg (DE). He stayed there one year working the horn with Tom Timmler.

In 2012 he came back to Switzerland and carried on with his Bachelor at the Zürcher Hochschule der Künste (ZHdK). He got to work with Christoph Grab (sax), Reto Suhner (sax), Willy Kotoun (rhythm), Pius Baschnagel (rhythm) and Andy Harder (piano) amongst many others.

Currently he finishes his Master in Music Pedagogy at the ZHdK and is being coached by Dave Feusi (sax) Marion Denzler (voc) and Tim Kleinert (synth), which helped him to gain his present musical personality.



alto saxophone, soprano saxophone


vocal (Baritone), guitar, piano, synthesizer, clarinette, flute and drums


Macondo (Salsa), Plain Passiun (Reggae/Dub), What The Funk, Swiss Army Big Band, ele©da (Fusion), dareg (Singer & Songwriter), BUZZ (Pop), Zaïd (Hip Hop) Allen Finch & The Tiny Big Band (Pop)...


Ellery Eskelin, Dick Oatts, Mark Turner, Will Vinson, Rudresch Mahanthappa, Becca Stevens, Cory Henry, Aron Goldberg, Bugge Wesseltoft, Jean-Michel Pilc, Armen Donelian, Jonathan Kreisberg, Lage Lund, Eric Harland, John Hollenbeck und Reuben Rogers.


Zaïd, Joel Schoch (Music for films, theater and games), ZHdK Big Band, dareg, David Hohl (composer), BUZZ, Chado Evans and What The Funk.


Background images by Remo Schluep